Friday, January 19, 2018

Fleming's & Lucille's in Victoria Gardens

DELICIOUS BABY BACK RIBS!!! That's all. Lol. I'm serious, it's the bomb. French Fries are thin and good snack. Pasta order by papa is great as well. The only food I did not enjoy as much is my mom's order since I was in love with mine (baby back ribs). Bread as appetizer is hot and fresh and soft and crunchy. No need for the butter for it to be yummy.
Reservation Recommended!
Appetizer - Maple Glazed Bacon. YUM! I was wanting rice for this but sadly they don't have any.
Mama's Order - Lobster Tempura. Another Yum but I personally prefer shrimp to be tempura since if I'm going to eat lobster I want to eat it by itself and not breaded.
Papa's Order - Salmon Fillet. Extremely Soft.
Sides to Share - Asparagus (sorry, not into asparagus in the first place so I did not like it).
Desert - Crème Brulee with a greeting and their own style of whip cream, sugar and something else that I forgot that my mom loved.
Surprise Desert - 4 piece chocolate in a cute box.
Reservation Recommended!
Fleming's Steakhouse @ Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

BeHeadwear & Chic Wish List

I got the discount code for Be Headwear through my Instagram they emailed me regarding their product. Here's the link for better explanation. Basically, it's headphones speakers that works in Bluetooth. So any Smartphone or Music Player can connect with the headphone speaker so your ear won't be irritated after a while and while not hurt due to the sticking of earphones. Pretty convenient especially for extreme activities like hiking, skiing, anything that is moving.
Chic Wish List messaged me through Instagram as well and asked if I wanted to be an ambassador. Since it includes a big discount I figured why not. So I got this Fury Choker, Black Wrap silver Finish necklace from their site. Only concern of mine, better quality :( When I got my necklace, from the packing itself it already lost 1 stone. Even with the bubble wrap it's still got loose. Then while I was trying it on, another stone came out. Really disappointed but hopefully this is only with mine.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Two Holiday Parties Ootd's

 Awesome Holiday Party of my Papa's Company. They held it at Riverside Convention Center and I loved it. Caricatures, Photo Booths, Henna Tattoos, Horoscope Readers and good food. Dance Floor of course and lots of raffle prizes! Most customers for the Caricature are couples and here I am, careless if I'm alone. I was asked by the Caricature artist - Dominic of how I want to be drawn as. I told him I'm an adrenaline junkie and I want it like falling from the sky :) 
Christmas Party at our Friends' house and our own trio exchange gifts :)
Crop Partner - Target @ $ 15 each.
Dress from Macy's - Nine West $70-90.
Stuff that just arrived at home bought by mom without asking me, again :| Thank you Mama!

Friday, December 29, 2017

My Christmas Gifts to my Parents & Company Raffle Prize + Coworkers Presents

I got my parents gifts way before Christmas. Specifically Thanksgiving Day since it's already Sale prior to Black Friday :)
Mama got a beautiful yellow Furla in Desert Premium Outlets. Including taxes it was less than $200 - yes that much discount! And since we did not have Furla before, I got myself as well. Cute Old rose, Pink-ish bag that has three openings (two dividers). Both bags are simple yet eye catching.
Papa got Bose Speaker for less than $200 including taxes (196 if I remember correctly). Since his JBL was taken by my uncle, he's been eyeing on a new one. The only con about this speaker is it's not wireless. Other than that, sound itself is powerful yet it's so small you can't even notice it in the room!
Just want to say THANK YOU to my company who had an intimate Holiday Party with awesome food (everyone love the tacos!) and lots of raffle prizes which I won one :). It includes the Cap, Tumbler, small Jenga and a Chip for someone who needs to find keys all the time, gave them to my mom and she loves it as well. Also, Thank you to my coworkers who got me chocolates and tea and homemade cereal with something. I truly appreciate it!